The CARIMALI brand design shower_space creates showers where design, materials, and performance define a style and contribute to a unique and extraordinary experience.The room of the self, the more intimate setting par excellence, is transformed into a real home spa where the harmonious play of lights, scents, sounds and water jets gives personalized multisensory experience in the shower, a feeling of freedom that results in a renewal for the body, mind and spirit.
The design is shaped by water: the new shower heads are even more slender, achieving more elegance and glamor, while the function control is convenient and simple to use. The vertical jet gives the body a targeted and adjustable massage, as well as the rain effect which resembles the delicate sound of a spring drizzle, and helps relieve stress.
Carimali is an Italian production, all along. 100% MADE IN ITALY. All our products and their components are designed, developed and manufactured only in Italy, with all the guarantees of the "Made in Italy" brand: uniqueness in design and intellectual property rights, creativity in sketches and shapes, high quality production, high durability, guaranteed finishing and details, respect for the environment and the human labor Go to Carimali