Lineabeta exemplifies the daily life of those who want to design and furnish the bathroom with a fresh, functional, simple and ironic touch. Lineabeta gives everybody a comfortable bathroom, equipped with functional items, which is easy to keep clean and designed to last over time, characterized by a contemporary aesthetics and accessible to most people. As the “everyday design” tag line explains, we aim to obtain an environment that can be used every day simply and effortlessly.
It present all over the national territory, in partnership with hundreds of customers/dealers who contribute to highlight and enhance our brand and our collections with their daily proposals. Always present in foreign markets, we have managed to consolidate our presence particularly in Germany, France, Spain, Denmark, Benelux, Middle East and United States.
The certifications that we adopt for our products are mainly CE and TUVV. Upon customer’s request, according to product category or standards required by the destination country, we are willing to research and provide ad-hoc certifications, taking advantage of technical and professional support of Certification & Product Quality Authorities that have been our partners for years. Lineabeta is certified ISO 9001:2015 for the processes of design, development, production and marketing of furnishing accessories (CERT-17533-2006-AQ-Fri-Sincert). Go to Lineabeta