The Geelli collection takes shape from the experience, research and intuition of a company in the industrious North East of Italy, with 20 years of experience in the world of plastic materials: from rigid, flexible and integral polyurethane to polyurethane gel. A reality where you can breathe an air of family and where you are looking for effective, original and positive solutions every day, for the ever new needs of contemporary living.
Soft, colourful, useful and pleasant. These are the accessories of Geelli collection, originating from the desire of exploring the multiple functional, sensorial andemotional possibilities of polyurethane gel. Many are the ideas coming true from the passion of an Italian company: bathrooms and kitchens, offices and living spaces. The common goal is making every space unique and special: in every way


All Geelli accessories meet the international quality and safety standards. Their durability, resistance and functionality performance are tested and certified by testing laboratories: Catas (furniture), Dedalo (materials), Lapi (materials). Go to Geelli