Your bathroom is your personal space. At Waterways we define this space, a space which is connected to one’s own senses and needs - a place for inner contemplation, regeneration, and revitalization. To refresh our body, spirit, soul and to uplift your being the beginning of your day is marked with reflective moments as you prepare for what lies ahead. While the end is when you need to unwind and distress. The bathroom is one of the most private places we can retreat to for self care and tending to our personal needs. Therefore, it is essential to meet the various needs of this living space. Waterways developed luxury fittings to meet the various needs of this living space, setting standards in design, technology and function – in every form and function. Waterways provides an extensive range of quality bathroom sanitary ware, fixtures and fittings - from washbasins, taps and bathroom accessories, to bath and shower components, Whether you are looking for a simple robe hook or a rain showerhead, a timeless classic or something very contemporary. A vast of range of products is made available in tandem with expert advice to help you choose the right fit at the right value. Waterways provides the complete bathroom solution to create your dream bathroom. Enter the exclusive world of WATERWAYS where creation goes hand in hand with elegance and prestige.