EVER Life Design creates products, collections, accessories for the home and bathroom that are configured as elements of life.A transformative, customizable and creative collection. The idea is to create possible combinations based on your taste, the space at your disposal and the functionality you need. The brand focused on the proposal of multifunctional accessories for the bathroom as well as for the home that combine safety and comfort with Made in Italy design and quality.
The brand is focused on the values of multifunctionality, cross-sectoral use, attention to shapes and to performances thanks to a specific company research and the cooperation big important designers like, Diego Cisi, Gianni Arduini and Monica Grafeo.In the quality that a product made in Italy has to represent. For this reason, materials supply chain is 100% Made in Italy
From the use of eco-friendly materials ( such as aluminium, polyurethane, wood ) to an internal policy based on the low energy consumption EVER Life Design® is actively committed to environmental protection. Go to Ever Life Design

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