Maier was established in 1986 and remains dedicated to manufacture fine bathroom and kitchen faucets and accessories. We are a family-run company operating from Barcelona, Spain. Maier’s collections combine perfectly with contemporary architecture, in classical or minimalist designs, but always with a personality that adds meaning and sensitivity.
At Maier, we are committed to design and reliability a formula driven by our passion for excellence and guaranteed by three generations of experience. Each new creation of unique shapes and decoration is designed to reflect the light and destined to become an icon in the finest luxury bathrooms.
Since its foundation, Maier has strived to develop and include water saving technology in its mixers. Creative and sophisticated ideas, exclusive designs and environment care are the main pillars of our philosophy. Our ecologic responsibility has 360 degrees, starting from the very beginning of the creation of our products, selecting the materials more environmentally friendly, but also applying waste recycling processes.

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