BAGNODESIGN provides an extensive range of quality bathroom sanitary ware, fixtures and fittings - from washbasins, taps and bathroom accessories, to bath and shower components, whirlpools and steam rooms. Also, You can now make your outdoor life more comfortable, more beautiful, more exclusive, and exciting.
The BAGNODESIGN brand has proven to provide comprehensive and integrated collections, which have been developed to meet the needs of all our discerning customers. From the aspiring home owner looking to create their dream bathroom, to key projects by residential developers, hospitality groups and prestigious institutional buildings, BAGNODESIGN products can be found across the board.
Our teams are dedicated to servicing our global customer base with high-quality, trend-led products for designing beautiful and luxurious bathrooms. Products that are durable enough to last and that also deliver on aesthetic appeal . In every step of the way, Bagnodesign ensures that irrespective of design intent or budget, there is a solution that not only meets but exceeds customer expectations.

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