Quadro is a young and dynamic company, managed by young people, born with the aim of offering solutions, with a completely new look on the market. We innovate because we choose to combine noble and advanced materials such as stainless steel with an essential, archetypal, timeless design.
Quadro products are certified in accordance with the most important standards and internationally recognized bodies for the protection of product safety and functionality. Various accessories, water-jet spouts, concealed elements, wastes… Quadro provides all the products you need to complete your 100% stainless steel bathroom creating special compositions.
Also, Ecological design principles are an integral and natural part in the birth and development of the product. The benchmarks set the standards in product design that is sustainable in the best possible way. The durability of the highly qualitative materials used, the functionally innovative concepts and the archetypal design guarantee use for many years, however, quadro guarantees a 5-year product warranty on the internal cartridge.

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