GSI possesses the most advanced production technology currently available in the field of ceramics. The high pressure casting plant allows us to produce higher quality sanitary pieces in shorter time, around one piece every twenty minutes. The moulds in resin remain unaltered: the first piece obtained is identical to the last. And for the traditional casting GSI is also in step with the times: the automization of this phase of production has been a practice at the company for years.
GSI believes in innovation because we know that cutting-edge technology will improve our products and result in thoroughly satisfied customers. But we are also aware that without the human factor, without the heads and hearts and hands of people who show up at the factory every morning, no technology can breathe form and life into a project.
Every one of the people who contribute to creating GSI products brings his own unmistakable and individual baggage: a microcosm of ideas, passions, of knowledge and skills; he has his own personal story and values which are also the company’s values. Because achieving excellence means constantly striving to improve by channelling the vital contributions of individuals and their unique experience. GSI has come a long way, but we still feel that every goal we reach is the starting point for a new journey – a journey to set out on together with everyone doing his own precious part.

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