TERZO FOCO is a small bathroom sink's factory situated in Umbria (Italy) driven by young professionist. When the fire becomes art. TERZO FOCO (third fire) is the old art of apply gold and ruby iridescent layers during a third firing using broom as fuel. Is one of the most mysterious and charming technique in the ceramic tradition. It’s seemingly originated during the 9th century. Some of the most important Italian Reinassance artist, especially in Umbria, created incredible masterpieces by using TERZO FOCO technique.
Handmade, hand painted and self-designed sinks for the bathroom. Each hand made bathroom sink is a unique, signed, piece of functional art. From the research and creation of models, to the casting and finishing, enamelling and decoration, everything is done internally and exclusively by hand.
Design, patterns and colors blend together to create shapes and objects that create a unique characterizing your bathroom area. Terzo foco is all about : Made in Italy, Made by hand, and Made with passion.

To Know More Visit www.terzofoco.it